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Unknown German, Miggs Auer (back), Unknown German, Unknown German, Nic Gaud, Devin Jones

On March 2, Cape Town reggae rockers 7th Son touched down in Hamburg for a two week tour of Germany. Keyboard and saxophone player Raiven Hansmann and lead guitarist Jedd Kossew couldn't make the trip and trumpet player Myles McDonald had to bail on a faulty passport. But remaining members Nic Gaud, Devin Jones and Miggs Auer couldn't resist the temptation and partied on regardless. Here's what Nic had to say about Germany.

So Germany, how the hell did that come together?

Well, long story short: we got on radio over there, we were approached by some guys in the music scene, we got a booking agent onboard and that was that.

How hard was it to sort out visas and work permits and so on?

Visas were okay but Myles' passport was an issue. It was only valid for three weeks after the tour and needed to be valid for six, I think. He applied for a new one but wasn’t able to get it in time. So three-piece it was

Where was the first show?

First show was in Hamburg. Cool opener!

Is Jedd not in the band anymore permanently?

Jedd's focusing on other things at the moment. He’s still playing with us, but only when possible.

After the disappointment of your cancelled American tour were you secretly expecting the German tour to fall through at the last minute as well? Not “counting your chickens” and so on?

We certainly weren’t expecting much, like you say, not counting our chickens. But we also knew we had to do this, if anything, for our own sanity. And it was well worth it.

Did you eat a hamburger in Hamburg?

No hamburgers in Hamburg but plenty of Burger King on the road.

Buy any deodorant in Cologne?

No deo in Cologne but it smells nice there… ha ha.

Wildest night out in Germany?

Jeez, had a few. Probably our gig with US band Nothington. Things got pretty out of hand. I think we all drank our body weight in beer and J├Ągermeister.

Coolest local band?

We played with some really cool bands. The best were Dear Lament, Just Us and Jonas and State of Martial Law.

Lamest misconception about South Africa?

That we're all white! WTF? That dude was seriously fucking ignorant.

And the beer? Everything it’s cracked up to be?

The beer’s amazing! So many varieties. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. We drank about 30 different kinds and, apparently, we didn’t even scrape the surface.

Future plans/where to next?

Well, we’ve already been booked to go back to Germany and Holland in August. We’ve signed on with a few new booking agents who’ve already got the ball rolling. So it looks like we’ll be there for another three weeks starting August 15 2010. ‘Til then, just gigging around SA. We’re hitting Jo’burg and Durban soon. Then it’s the Billabong Pro in July. Good times!

7th Son
On My Holiday
Directed by Quinton Lavery

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