Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Out with the old and in with the next level shit, Splashy Fen was buzzing with the name Jack Parow. Or maybe it was all that Monster Energy Drink coursing through people’s veins. Either way, Parow’s “Cooler As Ekke” video’s been viewed 414,376 times on YouTube and according to Splashy Fen HQ, he pulled the biggest crowd of the weekend.

I caught up with the “original donker dodgy Afrikaans rapper” in the media tent to discuss Parow-mania, Die Antwoord and Inge Beckmann’s leather pants.

So how are you enjoying life as a famous rapper?

Quite lekker. Crazy. I’m not used to it yet. It’s fokken weird yo, but it’s still cool.

Been shot or stabbed yet?

Er… No. When I was younger ja, I got stabbed in my leg.


Too legit…

Been involved in any bar brawls?

Fucking thousands hey. When I was younger I got fucked up a lot yo, ‘cos I was obviously common and kak. I’m not a very good fighter, so I always lose.

And what about an entourage?

I’m trying to get one but I’m not cool enough. People don’t want to hang out with me.

So you’re currently auditioning?

Ja, I’m doing some auditioning. One of these days I’ll get some big okes to hang out with me. My manager’s quite big, quite scary.

And what’s with the cap, are you over compensating?

Ha ha… Under compensating. No, fuck it. I always wear a cap, so we were like it’s boring just wearing a normal cap. It’s like a kind of a parallelogram type of vibe.

When’s the album due out?

21st of April yo.

Why the delay?

We just wanna get it fucking better. It’s fucking good now, but we just wanna put some extra stuff on there.

And then you’re hitting Europe?

Ja, I’ve got a bunch of different labels, like eight or nine, contacting me, from Europe, the US and Australia… So I’m still sorting out where to go and stuff. As soon as that’s banged down I’ll be touring Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Norway, Poland and the US probably as well.

What was it like having Inge Beckmann wiggling around in leather pants in your music video?

It’s quite fun hey, especially dancing around her while she’s doing it.

Whose Opel is that in the video?

My friend John’s. I don’t have a car so I couldn’t use mine.

And what cellphone do you really roll with?

Samsung – piece of shit. It’s actually kakker than a 3310. I lose phones the whole time. My friend gave me one now, actually, that’s quite cool. Like one that has a camera and stuff.

Have you seen that homemade Jack Bellville video on YouTube?

No. What’s that?

This guy on YouTube, Jack Bellville…

And he tunes me kak? Ha ha… I must check it out.

What’s better, 8 Mile or Cool As Ice?

I think if Vanilla Ice made a movie now it would be kak, but Cool As Ice, right now, it’s fucking next level. “Drop that zero and get with a hero,” and all those one-liners bru, it’s fucking next level shit. And he still had that fucking heavy jacket with that Vanilla Ice haircut and a fucking Kawasaki ninja on the cover and shit. Poes mooi bra. 8 Mile’s too gangster. It had too many fucking headliners.

Have you seen that Vanilla Ice Castle Lite ad?

Ja, it’s quite cool. I like it when he goes out and they take a sip and he comes back in again. Ha ha…

Did you get to meet him when he was here?

No, that would have been quite fun. But he’s all fucking heavy metal now and shit.

So who are all these so-called copycat Afrikaans rappers?

Everyone. All the Afrikaans rappers in the world, except me.

Did your YouTube, MySpace and Facebook accounts spike when Die Antwoord blew up?

It definitely made a bit of a difference but it spiked before that. The video was at about 200,000 just before they blew up, now it’s about 380,000.

And have you heard from them lately?

Ja ja ja… DJ Hi-Tek makes my tracks on my album as well. I record by him and everything.

What’s Jack Parow’s best-kept secret?

I live with my mom and I don’t have a car. That’s how kak I am.

And what’s the rudest line in your repertoire?

I had a song but I don’t do it anymore ‘cos it’s too rough. My previous style was much more dirty, fucked up and rough.

Pre Die-Antwoord?

Like ’99, 2000, when Waddy was doing MaxNormal.TV. He asked me if I wanna come rap some Afrikaans shit on MaxNormal.TV. We kind of started Die Antwoord together. It was gonna me, Yo-Landi and Waddy. But I’ve been rapping in crews so long…

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read or heard about yourself in the media?

I had one but I can’t remember, I’m too hungover. There’s this one girl, News In New York is her name, or some thing like that. She says my room is super clean and I’m actually this fucking good guy… I am a good guy, but she says I’m all fucking rich kid and shit. And my room is never fucking clean.

Did you really grow up in a caravan park?

Pretty much hey. I moved around a lot.

Who’s your ultimate rap hero?

Snoop Dogg, motherfucker. Aweh!

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