Thursday, May 27, 2010


* It was all a prank - taking the piss. Check out the video.

NOFX frontman Fat Mike's in trouble again. This time, dressed as alter-ego Cokie the Clown, he quite literally pissed off fans at last week's South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. During the show, Mike handed out free shots of Patron tequila (and even downed some himself). Then, after the show, NOFX screened a video filmed moments before they took the stage that showed Fat Mike pissing in the bottle of tequila backstage. Suggesting that the lovably dysfunctional frontman might be falling apart at the seams, during the show he's said to have openly (and nonchalantly) talked about his best friend hanging himself, smothering his cancer-ridden mother to death with a pillow, getting loaded at his dad's funeral service, ignoring the "Help me!" screams of a rape victim and even milking a hot fan... WTF?

Fucked Up's Damian Abraham described the set as the most depressing and fucked up thing he's ever seen (and he's in a band called Fucked Up). Check out the full story here.

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