Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Get Up Kids
Simple Science
Simple Psyence Recordings

So The Get Up Kids are back together, releasing new music again. Now that is something to write home about. In case you missed them, The Get Up Kids are one of the original pioneers of emotional, post-punk rock – before it had its name dragged through the crud. And their sound’s a fun blend of childlike, heart-on-its-sleeve enthusiasm and articulate, real-world sophistication. They’re only giving four songs (or 16 minutes of music) away, for now, but still... it’s enough. I still can’t get over how fresh they sound.

Since the 2005 breakup, lead singer Matt Pryor has recorded three albums with The New Amsterdams, two with The Terrible Twos (the children’s version of The New Amsterdams) and a solo album. Keyboard player James Dewees did two albums with Reggie and the Full Effect, one with Leathermouth and toured with My Chemical Romance. Guitarist Jim Suptic released an EP and a full-length with his band Blackpool Lights. And bassist Rob Pope kept himself busy with Spoon, White Whale and Koufax (also featuring brother and Get Up Kids drummer Ryan Pope). So you’ve got to wonder what happened to make them go back.

It’s a bit of a strange one. I mean, Imagine you were at The Get Up Kids’ “last” show on July 2, 2005, in their hometown Kansas City, Missouri. Imagine the unhinged emotion of the situation, the finality of it all. Well, unframe those tickets, dust off those once-treasured memories and suck it up. They’re back. And Simple Science cements it.

“Your Petty Pretty Things” is classic, Something to Write Home About-era Get Up Kids – refreshing and nostalgic at the same time, a perfect welcome back. “Keith Case” builds on a dirty, fuzzed up bass line decorated with sonar blips and eerie keys, all kept sane by Pryor’s smooth vocals. “Tommy Gentle” keeps things going and, again, you have to marvel at The Get Up Kids’ songwriting. That’s always been one of their strongest features: their slick, immaculate compositions. Nothing’s out of place, everything fits perfectly.

Closer “How You’re Bound” goes off on a more experimental, six minute tangent. Like The New Amsterdams meets James Dewees. And when the real drums kick in towards the end, with keyboards and drum machines jostling for attention, the change is seamless. It’s a moody, interesting and pretty daring way to end things.

And there you have it, the first new release from Kansas City Gods The Get Up Kids. Over before you know it...


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