Monday, May 24, 2010


It's 2:30pm at Hooters, Umhlanga. "Jacey, try a piece of steak," says Van Coke Kartel bassist Wynand Myburgh, pointing a dripping fork-load of pepper sauce-covered flesh at new drummer Jason Oosthuizen. "Tastes pretty weird," he says, unimpressed. "That's because it was all fat!"

Hours later, with screaming Jedd Kossew on lead guitar and Oosthuizen in the engine room, a new look Van Coke Kartel obliterates Burn Nightclub. The crowd’s an enthusiastic, medium-sized mob of unfamiliar-looking, Afrikaans Durban music fans. And crowd surfing, throwing himself around the stage and even singing, Myburgh looks more fired up than ever. Van Coke Kartel are explosive.

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Van Coke Kartel
Voor Ons Stof Word
Directed by Louis Minaar

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