Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I keep fishing for that Roald Dahl reference but, so far, multi-collaborating Pretoria muso and producer Peach van Pletzen won’t comply. Francois and the Giant Peach? Nah... First, Peach made a name for himself playing drums for alternative Pretoria rock band SHU. Lately, he’s all over the place, from producing the new Kidofdoom and Van Coke Kartel albums, to working with Francois van Coke on Oorlog Frankenstein and the play 2-21, and touring the country (and Argentina and Poland) as Yesterday’s Pupil.

Have you always lived in Pretoria?

Peach: Pretty much, for the last 23 years.

Growing up, did you travel around a lot?

Not in terms of living. Pretoria’s always been my base. We used to go to Cape Town, Hermanus, Durban, Margate… But now it’s at a fairly ridiculous point, since the music thing took off.

here to read the full interview on Mahala.co.za.

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