Monday, July 26, 2010


Long Live Tonight
Sovereign/SABC 3

Music journalists get a bad rap as jaded cynics with crap ponytails and a cupboard full of old Metallica T-shirts. And since I’ve had a haircut I thought, "Let’s work on those other issues as well." Forget Tweak 182. Forget that CrashCarBurn, for some reason, cut and pasted the kid from Texas pop punk-band Fenix TX’s 2001 album Lechuza into their music video for previous album single "Heroes." And let’s pretend those Kelly Clarkson, Starship, Bryan Adams and Lonely Island covers never happened. What’s going on now, in 2010?

CrashCarBurn are unashamedly power pop. Their music’s rooted in emotional, pop punk bands like Jimmy Eat World and the Ataris, but they’ve given things a modern, nasally “college radio” twist. The vocal effects on “Piano Interlude” make Garth Barnes sound like Phil Collins. “Skin Versus Bone” aims for the top of a Def Leppard-sized stadium roof. And first single “Twisted” is a power ballad custom-written for MTV songbirds like Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift.

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