Monday, July 26, 2010



It must be impossible to sustain alter egos as psychotic as Slim Shady and Eminem. And Marshall Mathers sounds like a man unravelling. The world's tired of Eminem and his issues. His insecurities. His addictions. He's lost the "voice" that made him vital. His ability to hold pop-culture in the palm of his hand and spin it around. And I think he knows it.

A few years ago, if Eminem had rapped lines like "The world'll stop spinning and Michael J. Fox will come to a standstill" and "I'll show you pussy footing', I'll kick a bitch in the cunt 'til it makes her queef and sounds like a fucking whoopy cushion," he might have got a laugh (remember Moby?). Now they just sound pathetic. As hard as he tries, Eminem is boring.

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