Wednesday, July 14, 2010


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Enhanced by the power of electricity, Isochronous’ live shows surge with impact and presence. On stage, the sensitive Pretoria art rockers float like butterflies and sting like energetic bees. Imago, on the other hand, simply floats like a butterfly (albeit a highly accomplished one). Were the neighbours complaining about the noise?

The reinvention seems slightly premature. Isochronous going acoustic, now, is like Batman handing over his utility belt right after he caught Joker the first time. But maybe that’s the point – giving up the comfort of their “bag of tricks.” Maybe Isochronous were after a new challenge. Something different and unexpected. Or maybe I’m just overanalysing. I guess I’m still chasing a recording that matches the mind-blowing intensity the band radiated last time I saw them play.

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