Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So what’s going on in Durban besides the sea and the stadium? Live music, that’s what. It’s not always easy. Most of the time, it’s a hard fought battle to survive. But underneath it all, there’s a lot of heart. A lot of soul. And a lot of great local bands that go unappreciated.

I sat down with Matt Wilson (Car Boot Vendors, Sibling Rivalry, Uprising Festival) and Raheem Abdul-Rasheed (Tree Houses On the Sea) to find out more. Car Boot Vendors have just released a new EP called Home Is Home, available from the band. And T.H.O.T.S’ debut full length Return of the Book Thief is available online and from Rhythmic Beat stores countrywide.

How long have you been involved with the Durban music scene?
Matt: Eish… Eleven years. Just under half my life.
Raheem: Same.

And how would you describe your relationship?
Raheem: She cheats on me sometimes. But she’s always there. She’s where home is. There are a lot of things you could say about her, good and bad.
Matt: I read this book about Durban. They were talking about the beachfront. How it’s been changed, built on, demolished again. They kind of described Durban as this faithful, misunderstood whore. Ha ha… She’s faithful, but a little bit seedy. It’s the holiday town that’s trying to be a big city.

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