Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Saturday, August 7, Origin, Durban

Boo! was the first cool band I ever saw. I remember seeing them on Live@Five with John Vlismas. Then live at the BAT Centre with Sibling Rivalry. Chris Chameleon spoke a weird language on stage, translated by his octopus-limbed, instrument-hopping sidekick Ampie Omo. Then Chris Chameleon went off and became the Afrikaans version of Barry Manilow.

Now they’re back. Just like that. With a new album and a new drummer. Tonight’s the first time they’ve played Durban since their big RamFest reunion. And Origin’s filling up fast. The crowd’s an unusual combination of older alternative types, young Durban hipsters and double Jameson-swigging Origin regulars.

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