Friday, September 10, 2010


"You can't leave Fokof. Unless you're dead."

For one of the most interesting guys in South African rock, Hunter Kennedy’s a hard guy to make sound interesting. He’s a writer not a talker, I guess… Still, I always get the impression that he’s all over the place.

During our interview, it feels like he’s band practising, on Twitter, handling Jack Parow business with record label Supra Familias, comparing schedules with the rest of Fokofpolisiekar and checking out the new Adidas range. All on his trusty Blackberry.

Unperturbed, I chat to Hunter about leaving aKING, new Fokof, the rise of Jack Parow and Supra Familas’ recent European adventure.

This interview was sent via Blackberry from Vodacom.

So what's new with Hunter Kennedy?
Nothing's really new with me.

Click here to read the full interview on Channel 24.

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