Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This has got to be the most moral-bending, loosely-linked advertising bullshit ever used to sell cars. But according to John Lennon's son Sean, who defends his mother Yoko Ono's decision to license the footage of Lennon snr. to French car manufacturers Citroën, her motives were not financial. He says the intention was to keep his dad "out there in the world."

What a load of shit - keep telling yourself that Sean. You don't get much more "out there in the world" than John Lennon. He doesn't need to sell Citroen's to maintain his iconic status, he's John Fucking Lennon for shit's sake! Who cares if a bunch of 14-year-old Katy Perry fans don't know who he is? Don't they play Rock Band?

But wait, it gets worse. Check out this video I found online. Citroën didn't even use a real John Lennon quote. They just dubbed a tacky impersonation over an original 1968 BBC interview with the singer. Which just shows you how full of shit Citroën are - and how little they care about anything other than selling cars. In the ad, they're selling the idea of "anti-retro." The idea that you shouldn't go back and borrow from the past. But they're using an old John Lennon interview with a comically-faked voice over, "Do something of your own. Start something new." Who's next, Marilyn Monroe? Too late, got her too...

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