Friday, October 1, 2010


Psycho+Logical Records

Once upon a time, RAP stood for rhythm and poetry. Die!, the latest by Brooklyn “death-rapper” Necro, due in South Africa at the end of the month, contains neither. Instead, it sounds like one long WWE entrance theme.

Lyrically, Die! reminds me of a scene from "A Hero Sits Next Door" (Family Guy Season 1 Episode 5). Walking into the kitchen, Brian Griffin mistakes a police scanner for a regular radio.

Radio: "We have a gang shooting on Third and Main. Three wounded, one dead."
Brian: "Is it me, or is rap music just getting lazier?"

The difference between classic horror films and modern torture porn is subtlety. Good horror films affect us psychologically. Gross out, over-the-top gore fests, like Saw 78 and Hostel 15, give horror flicks (and fans) a bad name. Likewise, Necro’s take on zombies, horror and death is just as insulting. He sounds like a serial killer, not a horror movie fan.

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