Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I get to the Hope & Anchor five minutes early. A blonde girl with a locket around her neck's reading a book outside, standing out without even trying. "Alice?" I ask nervously, trying not to sound creepy. "Yes", she replies. We step inside and I order beer. Alice orders nothing. We wait for her American band mate KC in an awkward, 'blind-date' kind of silence. Then, through the window, I see a thin, indie-looking guy ride up on a bicycle. He takes off his hat, chains up his bike and brushes back a floppy, greasy-looking fringe. Definitely. He orders a water. We go upstairs. They finish each other's sentences.

So, what's been the biggest Big Deal moment so far?
KC: Hmm, the biggest Big Deal moment so far...
Alice: My mum bought two copies of the NME when it came out.

What about the Guardian?
Alice: The Guardian article was so early on that we were just... shocked.

How did it happen, right place at the right time?
KC: Yeah. But the guy that wrote it (Michael Hann) wasn’t even there, a good friend of his was. Apparently, this friend goes to a lot of shows and usually hates everything. And he said that we were kind of alright. Which, to him, meant he should check us out.

And what did you think of their description, “Woozy, druggy, sexy pop”?
KC: That sounds nice. We've definitely heard worse.

KC: I don’t wanna talk about it. But yeah, that sounds nice. I’m all for woozy, druggy, sex...
Alice: Ha ha... That sounds so bad.

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