Thursday, January 27, 2011


Fat Wreck-Chords

Cobra Skulls have always been one of those bands. Doing their own thing, punk-rocking and Red Scaring along. But always flying under the radar. In one ear, out the other, without ever really sinking in. Bringing the War Home, their new five track EP and first Fat Wreck release, finally snared me.

With more punch and presence than their entire back catalogue, opening track "Doomsday Parade" sets the tone. And overall, it sounds like Devin Peralta, Adam Beck and new drummer Luke Ray (Nothington) have squeezed a lot into these five songs. They've worked every angle, cranked up the production, crossed the t's and dotted the lower case j's.

Think what you want about Fat Mike, the dude's got an ear. And his tweaks are undeniable.
I can just imagine him in the studio, vetoing a bunch of other songs he didn't deem good enough to make a full album. And I'm sure it sounds like he's in there somewhere on the cover of Bad Religion's "Give You Nothing."

Overall, the sound's a mixture of Dead to Me's Little Brother phase, Bad Religion's baby-smooth melodies and classic, three-piece punk-rock. But at 12 minutes and seven seconds, it's not The Longest EP. Still, fun while it lasts!

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