Thursday, January 20, 2011


Anchorless Records

Wolves and the Radio exist in a world drifting by. In a world of late nights, cigarettes and roadtrips nowhere. With friends reeling it in and drowning in their own personal nine-to-fives all around them, Wolves and the Radio are on the road to self-destruction, and going "full throttle."

The music's catchy, Dear Landlord style pop-punk, mostly. Sometimes the sound gets washier, more atmospheric and hard-hitting, like Polar Bear Club and Hot Water music. But as usual, it's the voices that grab you. The heartbroken melodies and honest confessions. The determination to just get out there and escape an "early grave." And alternating vocalists Matt Murphy and Steve Terry sing with clamps on their hearts.

ith goosebump-heavy choruses, "Waves" and "Minus One" are instant favourites. The slower acoustic ones, like "Adelaide" and "One Sitting," took a while to grow on me - more cowpoke than stoke. Old fashioned singalongs, really. But the album's edgy, scratchy-throat under-production gives Wolves and the Radio fuel to burn.

"Yesterday I was thinking of running away. Back to the same old job. Back to the same old place. There's comfort in familiarity..."

For fans of bands like You Me and the Atom Bomb, Polar Bear Club, Dear Landlord and Iron Chic.

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