Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Effervescence Records

French punk rockers Forus mix shredding modern influences like Protest the Hero and A Wilhelm Scream with straight-up melodic skate punk and a foreign accent that takes me back to a time when Millencolin were still cool. But despite the 10 tracks, it's still not a full length...

is a new digital EP compiling Forus' output so far: six tracks from their 2008 EP Aaron's Revolution, three tracks from their 2009 split Coalition and "The Bottom Line" (Forus' contribution to Bells On Records' 2010 Belvedere tribute). A smart move, really. I mean, who's even heard of 'em outside of Bayonne, right?

Overall, the sound's melodic to the nth degree. The playing's ultra-technical - from drum speeds that rival Fullblast, to fiddly, metal-inspired riffs and duelling guitars, to brain-slapping tempo changes and sudden stops. Vocally, the band's still developing. Finding their voice as captivating songwriters. Their edge. But with a few years under the belt and a real full length in the pipeline, things are looking good.

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