Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Jeremy Fish loves a good story. And every seemingly random character and spooky animal crest he creates fits in somewhere - from skull-carrying bears and gun-slinging owls to smoking whales and silly pink bunnies. Born in New York in 1974, Fish moved to San Francisco, California in 1994 to attend art school and fell in love. Nowadays, he wouldn’t live anywhere else. Known to his friends as the King of North Beach, he works like a maniac on a diet of coffee, beer and the “occasional well done burger”. I caught up with him between shifts.

You've been interviewed a lot. Surely there's one golden Jeremy Fish nugget you've waited ‘til now to share with the world?

That I’m a nice guy.

Okay... Where did the name King of North Beach come from?

Umm, my friend Lizzy, I think. I used to joke with her about it. Now I actually hope to one day be the king of the greatest neighbourhood in the world. I think Aesop (Rock) refers to me as the K.O.N.B. as well.

The bio on your site suggests a mad, bearded hermit fuelled by coffee, churning out new work like a human art machine. Is that the reality?


Right. And how do you take your coffee?

Espresso and a ‘lil cold milk - because I’m lukewarm.

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