Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Raised on a diet of Conan the Barbarian, Dark Crystal and Krull, Galway City local and “strict vegetarian” Michael Craughwell fell in love with fantasy weapons as a kid of the '80s. When he saw Mad Max, a light bulb flashed. "Everything in Mad Max was made out of junk. And I could get junk", he told a room full of kids and crying babies at his local library.

In 2007, Craughwell was commissioned to make a life-sized replica of the Buster sword from Final Fantasy 7.
When he posted the pics and videos online, the Internet did the rest. Or as he puts it, “a whole subculture of people crawled out of the woodwork and started contacting me.” Nowadays, Craughwell spends his time making giant swords to order, swords likely to have British health and safety authorities foaming at the mouth. We contacted him to find out more.

So how did you get into making crazy swords? Did you always fantasise about being a blacksmith?

I'm not a blacksmith, but I guess you can’t stop people wanting me to be. I always envisioned/hoped/dreamed I’d be some guy making medieval weapons in a hellish post-apocalyptic future. I started making weapons out of old junk. At some point it became easier to just make things from scratch than to find stuff that was already kinda weapon-shaped. Watching Mad Max 2 = pointy pants. Lord of the Rings = half mast.

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