Monday, February 28, 2011


Thom Powers and the rest of New Zealand pop outfit The Naked and Famous are REALLY busy right now. My first attempt at an interview was rescheduled when I caught Thom checking out of a hotel in London. The night before, the band won the Philip Hall Radar Award at NME Shockwaves. And they were already on their way to Cambridge when I interrupted. When I spoke to Thom again the next day, he was in Bristol, 10 minutes away from another soundcheck.

From the UK, The Naked and Famous are off to the rest of Europe. Then the States. And besides Flight of the Conchords, they’re already the most successful band to break out of New Zealand (Split Enz?). Here’s what Thom had to say anyway. Their debut album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, is out now (but not fully).

Every time I read your name I get The Presidents of the United States of America stuck in my head. I believe it comes from a Tricky song?

Ha ha… Yeah, Pre-Millennium Tension, 1996. From a song called 'Tricky Kid'.

How was the NME Awards show? Judging from your Twitter updates, things got pretty out of hand?

Heaps of fun. Big shock. I didn’t even know why I was there. We just kind of got invited at the last minute.

One of your tweets was, “Dear aggressive drunks, you are everything that is fucked. Ever”. What happened? A real life case of Passive Me, Aggressive You?

Click here to read the full interview on Don't Panic Online.

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