Friday, February 25, 2011


Camp London, February 23

Live, Suuns make complete sense. Fuelled by intensity and the grimy, basement surroundings, their dark mantras sound powerful and hypnotic. The kind of stuck rhythms zombies could dance to. Watching frontman Ben Shemie thrash his guitar, attack his amp and climb the peeling grey walls of Camp London, I kept thinking, "90s grunge (with a new-age feel)."

People keep throwing the word minimalist around to describe the hyped new Montreal four-piece. And on their debut album, Zeroes QC, you can hear it (or rather, can't hear it). Suuns use restraint like an instrument, lending an unsettling, almost ethereal quality to their music. But live, they're way more explosive.

Max Henry hops from keyboards to bass, Joe Yarmush swaps from bass to slide guitar,
Shemie switches from sane to nuts and Liam O'Neill's got a bag of tricks on drums. After a quick encore, Suuns hop off stage, push their way through a frozen crowd and disappear.

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