Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Howard Moon stumbles through the tundra. The icy blizzard whips his face. “So alone… Wind, my only friend”, he calls out, stooped in complete isolation. “I hate you”, whistles the breeze. If he had an iPod, he’d be listening to Suuns.

Joe Yarmush (guitar), Ben Shemie (vocals/guitar), Liam O'Neill (drums) and Max Henry (bass/keyboards) describe January in Montreal as “a dark time”. “We were just trying to stay alive”, explains O’Neil. And that’s how I picture them: holed up the snow, stringing together their dark, moody, icy post-punk debut Zeroes QC.

Starting out in 2007, in Montreal, the original band name was Zeroes. But after some early concerns, they settled on Suuns. I caught up with the band ahead of their February European tour. Check out their MySpace page for dates.

So what’s the story with the “Mexican Ramones”, did they actually threaten to sue or did you just change the name in case?

BS: Lets put this to rest. Nothing happened with The Zeros. They were very cool and accommodating. They had no problem with our original name. Those guys are the real deal. We ended up changing the name because there are other bands out there with all sorts of variations: Zeroes, The Zeros, Orez, whatever. It was too complicated. And we were warned of a possible threat from another less cool Zeros.

Was it important to still squeeze the name Zeroes in there somewhere, even it was just the album title?

JY: Yes. The album title references our past. We lived with the name for long enough that we didn’t want it to slip into the void.
BS: It was important, mostly because we’d built up our reputation locally and we’re proud of our independent accomplishments. But we don’t really care anymore.

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