Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen. Tiger blood. Winning. Bree Olson. Two and a Half Men... Sick to your stomach, right? I know I am. Right now, some poor news editor (and assistant editor) somewhere's huddled over yet another image of Charlie Sheen, thinking, "Christ, not this nut job again..." They'll shrug, complain, then they'll concede and run it on the front page. Truth is, that's what people want. We love seeing idols fail. We love seeing people trip up and fall apart. It's entertaining. Especially on live TV! And no public meltdown's been more entertaining (and more live) than Charlie "not from this terrestrial realm" Sheen's recent outbursts. Before Japan, there was no other news... Here's a look at few very entertaining, very public meltdowns.

Britney Spears

When the world's forgotten about Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears will be there to pick up the slack again. She has to. I mean, so far, her life story reads like a blueprint for rebounding child-star trainwrecks everywhere. First she married childhood friend Jason Alexander (not George Costanza) in Las Vegas, on January 3 2004 - and had the wedding annulled 55 hours later. Then came Kevin "Broken Home" Federline. Then there was that small matter of the world's most famous haircut. Then, barely recognisable, she attacked an SUV with an umbrella.

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