Friday, March 4, 2011


The lobby of the Soho Hotel sounds like a United Nations conference. Journalists from around the world hang out like sharks at feeding time – friendly, but with a dangerous glint in their eyes. Suddenly, around 12:00, the Foo Fighters appear, minus drummer Taylor Hawkins.

I can't believe how young and fresh Dave Grohl looks. With cowboy boots and a beard, guitarist Chris Shiflett looks like a mini version of Hugh Jackman. Pat Smear's there as well. And bassist Nate Mendel, furrowed as usual.

Then Taylor breezes down the stairs: sunglasses, long blond hair and a goofy grin. He looks like he just stepped off set filming The Lords of Dogtown. "Can I get a bacon roll with no vegetables?" he asks. Then the whole band's prepped, powdered and shuffled off into different rooms for a hard day's work. When my turn comes, I meet Taylor in the Screening Room.

In these interviews, do you ever feel like the consolation for journalists that didn't get Dave?

I've been a consolation since the day I joined this fucking band, haven't I? Yeah. Every now and again. But it's okay. I'm fine with it. It's part of the job.

Did you guys give him a hard time after his NME Godlike Genius Award?

Oh, it'll be never-ending. He says, 'You guys shut the fuck up, I'm a God like genius. Don't ever challenge me again.'

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