Monday, April 4, 2011


Rise Against's last album, Appeal to Reason, was a punch below the belt. I winced and took it. Admittedly, I lost interest. But encouragingly, Endgame starts with a bang. "Architects" and "Help is on the Way" pulse with that old spark. Then reality sets in and I realise, Rise Against just bore me. A few years ago, that last sentence wouldn't have been possible. Now, reading it again, I already want to click next...

As far as message goes, you can't fault 'em. Rise Against are the Michael Jackson of punk rock - complete with their own kids choir. But there's something missing. You can't feel the breath on your face anymore. The hairs don't tingle. The desperation's gone. And by the end, I was completely over it. One listen feels like 10.

Rise Against never do anything particularly wrong, the songs are just boring. An almost indistinguishable wash of fillers and c-sides. It's almost like they can't (or don't want to) sound good anymore. Still, it's a safe place to be, the middle of the road.

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