Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So it looks like God's premonition came true - the geeks have inherited the Earth. Now they're taking over the fashion world as well. That's right, they've nerded up the art world, now they're turning their attentions to couture. Earlier this month, Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga showed off his new 2011/2012 8-bit-inspired, pixelated-fashion Fall collection at Japan Fashion Week, Tokyo. The collection includes dresses, professional suits, shoes and athletic style sweatshirts, all showing off the soon-to-be-in-vogue new geek-pandering pixel look.

Using blocky 8-bit prints, cubic heels and pixel-inducing patterns, Morinaga and his label Anrealage's new range conjures images of old video games and primitive PCs. A world of Commander Keen, Zelda and Mega Man. Models also wore colourised, translucent eyewear and pixelated accessories made up of individually-pixelated squares and cubes to complete the look. All they need is a few 1-up mushrooms and they'd have had it down...

According to Designboom, the outfits are, "primarily composed of colourful square blocks of diverse fabrics and can appear relatively conventional from a distance". A line of shoes composed of similar materials completes the collection. Apparently, a pianist even played glitchy, chiptune-sounding music as the models strutted their 8-bit stuff down the catwalk.

But it's not all cubic heels and blocky camo prints. A quick look through Google images reveals a few less highbrow pixelated 8-bit accessories to go with all the high fashion geekery. How about these stylish 8-bit watches?

You could even complete the look with this 8-bit tie, just in case you've got a job interview with Bowser...

Or what about the ultimate geek accessory, fun for boys and girls: pixelated pantyhose! Do you think that's what Princess Peach has on under her gown?

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