Thursday, June 2, 2011


Aliens invade London... But instead of a cigar-chomping, virus-uploading, ass-kicking ex-marine they find a bunch of hooded, weed-smoking, council block-dwelling South Londoners. It's an interesting spin on the genre: witty, street-wise, character-driven British comedy meets blockbuster alien invasion flick - without the regular bullshit dose of patriotic American propaganda.

The film was written (and directed) by British comedian Joe Cornish, and the best thing about it's the dialogue. The writing's razor sharp. And little details like, "I just wanna go home, lock the doors and play FIFA", learner driver pizza delivery scooters and low phone credit injects Attack the Block with a hysterical air of authenticity. Also, the characters are just so likable. Even badass, Guy Ritchie-esque London gangster Hi-Hat...

Things take on a murkier, more sinister air when the kids run home to get their weapons - heading out to chase the aliens armed with knives, samurai swords and baseball bats - when you consider what happened to 15-year-old Sofyen Ghailan in 2010. Still, that's not Attack the Block's fault.

Amongst the mostly unknown cast, the film also stars Nick Frost as resident drug dealer Ron and British babe Jodie Whittaker as mugged nurse Sam.
But I'm not going to give any more away. I went in blind and enjoyed every second of it...

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