Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When Fokofpolisiekar announced their hiatus in 2007, like most fans, I assumed it was a passing phase. I wrote the "coming soon" aKING and Van Coke Kartel flyers and gold-plated matchbooks off as temporary ventures. Something new to tide them over.

Watching Fokof at Clapham Grand, the penny finally dropped. "We’ve been playing the same set for two years", says bassist Wynand Myburgh. "Exactly as it is".

On stage, Fokofpolisiekar still ooze the same intensity: their chemistry’s undeniable. But they sound rusty. Tired, even. Van Coke Kartel, on the other hand, galvanised by the arrival of monster drummer Jason Oosthuizen and shredding lead guitarist Jedd 'Jedi' Kossew, sound better than ever.

"We’re all putting our energies in the other bands. So there’s no one pushing Fokofpolisiekar forward," says guitarist Hunter Kennedy. "We don’t practice and we don’t do soundcheck," adds guitarist Johnny de Ridder.

I caught up with Fokofpolisiekar over a few beers to find out more.

How are you guys enjoying London?

Snake: Basically, we’re trying to stay out of our hostel as much as possible. We ended up drinking in Camden Town. Strolling around…

Mission, mission, mission… London’s definitely different than it was in 2006.

How so?

Less South Africans. Definitely.

And we’re less stoned.

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Wynand: I picked up a gram of coke in the first half an hour of being at the venue.

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