Monday, June 27, 2011


Fat Wreck

Wyoming punk rockers Teenage Bottlerocket's latest, Mutilate Me, is a pretty difficult EP to review. Basically, it's three songs: one Kody song, one Ray song and a cover of Bad Religion's "Henchman". If you're a fan, your only complaint's gonna be the length: three songs in five minutes!

Kody Templeman's got one of the coolest voices in punk rock. And his backups on the title track almost crosses over into Lawrence Arms Oh! Calcutta! territory. Where vocalists Chris McCaughan and Brendan Kelly stopped taking turns and sang together. Almost! But in the end, it's still very much a Ray song with Kody on the chorus. Joining forces could make things pretty interesting on the next full length?

"Punk House of Horror" is classic Templeman. An instant favourite. Three chord, horror-obsessed pop-punk at its Ramones-inspired best. As usual, the EP was recorded with Bill Stevenson at the Blasting Room and the production sounds like a million bucks slapping you in the face. Nice appetiser, where's the album already?

PS Fat Mike must have loved the artwork...

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