Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Red Scare

"How can we make this right when we're fucked beyond belief tonight?" Don't let the up-tempo rhythms and high impact production fool you, somebody's poisoned the water hole! All's not well with self-destructive Illinois punk rockers The Copyrights. But their catchy combination of dark milieus and expertly crafted pop-punk hooks is an absolute riot.

"I'm not homesick, I'm sick of home…"
"I wanna die with a worn out passport..."

They've been on the road since 2002 and North Sentinel Island, Copyrights album number five, is bitter with a sweet aftertaste. As you'd expect, the song-writing's concise, balanced and well-measured. Everything fits, everything's complimentary. Also, the production's next level smooth (with teeth). Most noticeably, the bass guitar sounds amazing - especially the funked-up Blink-182-inspired intros to "Restless Head" and "Hard Wired" (I'm a sucker for that shit).

Lyrically, North Sentinel Island reads like a list of things to do before you die. "I wanna do this, I wanna do that, I want more alcohol than blood, let's go on holiday to North Sentinel Island…" And you know they're gonna... The vocal harmonies sound pretty awesome as well - smooth licks and chain gang kicks.

The closing voice over explains the album title: "In these days of trouble and strife, it is a relief to visit a remote little village where all seems right with the world". To The Copyrights, That's North Sentinel Island (for some reason)...

The years have been kind to The Copyrights. They've grown into a road-eating, sleeping-in-and-getting-drunk, pop-punk hit-making machine. Song-writing's become second nature. And North Sentinel Island's their Rosebud. My new favourite Copyrights album!

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